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Parenting Wise Teens
The risk of using an addictive substance drops for teens whose parents talk with them about not using alcohol and other drugs. The 2018 Illinois Youth Survey found fewer local teens are drinking than ever. Find out 3 surprising reasons fewer teens are turning to alcohol.

Celebrating With a Healthy and Safe Approach

Connecting with Your Teen

When the Conversation is Difficult

Resources Available Right at Your Fingertips

Parental Resilience: Ways Parents Support Each Other and Themselves

Marijuana and the Developing Teen Brain

Marijuana 101

The Importance of Substance Abuse Prevention in Adolescents

Setting Boundaries–Saying “no” can be a positive thing!

Family Strategies for a Safe Summer

I know or think my teen might be using–What can I do?

Helping Your Teen Become More Independent

Helping your Teen Deal with Changing Circumstances

Resolutions-Change as a Family

Positive Ways to Cope

How to Model Coping Strong

How to Help Your Teen to Cope Strong

How the Power of Choice Campaign Affects Your Student

The Vulnerable High School Student

Healthy Stress Management

Medical Marijuana

Reality Challenges Popular Beliefs

The Teen Brain and Addiction

The Importance of Substance Abuse Prevention in Adolescents

Helping Parents and Teens Connect

Celebrating with a Healthy and Safe Approach

The Power of Being a Positive Role Model

Showing How Much You Care by Saying “No”

DESK Intervention: Tools for Confronting Difficult Situations with Your Child


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