High School Campaign 

Since 2003, The Power of Choice campaign has been reaching its goal of increasing the number of students in school districts 203 and 204 who believe the true norm that most of the time most students make healthy choices. The campaign has been sharing the good news through marketing materials that highlight the healthy life choices that students are making.



Five different 12×18 posters are displayed in the schools throughout the school year as hard copies and on TV monitors. Posters are designed with messages intended to build protective factors that guide students as they develop, making decisions that lead them toward a healthy future.

In planning new posters for an upcoming school year, testing with the target audience begins. Surveys conducted in school lunchrooms ask students about their attitudes and values to gain insight into potential marketing messages. Separately, students are surveyed to learn where they notice messages inside and outside of school to learn preferred sources of information. Healthy messages drafted from student input are tested during spring/summer focus groups. Once primary and seconds campaign messages are identified, a second round of focus groups is conducted to test images for poster design, including photos, colors and wording. The final color posters printed represent the student voices, and are displayed in school as September begins, changing bimonthly to keep students engaged in noticing the newest poster, and reading its important messages.

Please use our contact page to let us know if you are interested in getting involved in future focus groups.