6th-8th Grade Parent Newsletters and PowerTalk for Families


Keep Talking They're Really Listening:
Parents are the most influential protective factor in their Children's lives. What parents say really DOES matter and your children really ARE listening. Especially when it comes to the vital topic of not using drugs and alcohol.

Teaching Adolescents the Joy of Serving Others

Social Media- Parent’s Responsibility

Empowering Adolescents to Take Responsibility

Our Words Affect Others: T-H-I-N-K

Words Your Children Need to Hear to Help Them Stay Drug-Free

Developing Emotional Awareness in Adolescents

Understanding Adolescent Brain Development Can Maximize Decision Making

Realistic Goal Setting- Finding a Healthy Balance

Learning Responsibility Moves Adolescents Toward Independence

Preparing Adolescents to Take Control                          

Strength of Character Leads to Success in Life

Equipping Adolescents with Coping Strategies

Connecting With Your Teen

Confidence is More than Just “Feeling Good”   

Inspiring True Competence in Your Adolescent

Resilience in Prevention          

Part of Something Bigger                                                             

Moving Adolescents Toward Independence                        

The Importance of Trusted Adults in Adolescent Development 

The Power of Respect                                                                                     

Taking Control of Bullying                                                

Qualities of a True Friend                                                   

Developing Emotional Awareness in Adolescents     

Tips for Growing Healthy Teens            

Modeling Healthy Behaviors

Our Words Affect Others

Who Are my Child's Role Models?

Confronting Difficult Situations with Your Child

Setting Boundaries-Saying “no” can be a Positive Thing!

Building Resilience in our Children

Family Activities that Make Memories

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